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Navigating aviation's path to responsible budgeting for climate action


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As the aviation sector stands at the crossroads of environmental accountability, the way forward demands precise financial allocations for climate action. The aviation industry, recognised for its ecological footprint, carries a vital role in combating climate change. This guide offers aviation stakeholders a tailored approach to crafting high-integrity climate action budgets that resonate with the sector's impact.

For aviation professionals striving to invest strategically in carbon removal solutions, this guide delivers:

  • Insights into scientific benchmarks for gauging carbon pricing strategies
  • A Pragmatic Abatement Cost Curve (PACC) tailored to aviation's financial landscape
  • A glimpse into carbon credit spending trends within the aviation sector on the Patch marketplace
  • A sample budget bolstered by future prospects

Unlock the potential to steer aviation toward a greener, more sustainable tomorrow by adopting a meticulous five-step approach to shaping climate action budgets.